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A New Kind of Learning Experience

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Card Clinic, Close-up Clinic, and Stack Clinic are intensive, intimate, exclusive three-day magic retreats with two of the world's top professional sleight-of-hand artists. This is a new kind of learning experience: a pathway and a process designed to effectively bring your magic to a higher level, with focus and intelligence, art and appreciation. Card Clinic, Close-up Clinic, and Stack Clinic will transform the way you think about and perform magic forever.

Card Clinic, Close-up Clinic, and Stack Clinic combine a fascinating mix of professional effects, sleight-of-hand technique, specific theoretical subjects, and performance skills — every aspect of the art of sleight-of-hand magic. You will be entertained by performance, you will be personally and patiently instructed at your own pace, there will be jam sessions and late-night chats, in-depth coaching and personalized tutoring, formal instruction and casual socializing, and — magic, magic, magic!

Card Clinic, Close-up Clinic, and Stack Clinic are all hosted and produced by Jamy Ian Swiss. Card Clinic features special guest Roberto Giobbi of Switzerland. Close-up Clinic features special guest David Ben of Canada. Stack Clinic features Michael Close.

Card Clinic, Close-up Clinic, and Stack Clinic consist of high quality, personalized training. We expect that you will enjoy yourself in many ways, in a sociable environment and a stimulating setting. You will be inspired, you will be instructed, you will be motivated, and you will learn many, many things — some you might anticipate, others which will certainly be unexpected. We are confident you will come away with knowledge and skills, and ways of thinking about and studying magic, that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Tuition for the seminar is $695.00 U.S. This fee includes attendance of the entire program, including the public performance on Friday evening, plus your Friday night dinner (excluding beverage). Your travel (including local travel) and all other meals and expenses are additional and are not included.

Formally scheduled conference events begin Friday afternoon at 12:00 noon. We hope however that you will be able to arrive Thursday night at your option and join us for the special night-before event. Early arrivals will also be welcome to attend casual gatherings late Thursday night and Friday for brunch, prior to the first session. Details will continue to be provided as deadlines grow closer. You must, of course, arrange your own travel to the locale and to and from the hotel, and information on local ground travel options will be provided.

All registration and hotel fees are payable in advance of the seminar. We ask and expect you to register for your hotel accommodations through the Clinic, as the room rates and quantity are part of our arrangement with the hotel in order to defray meeting room and other related costs. Do not register directly with the hotel. Registrants who live or are staying locally elsewhere than at the conference hotel will be charged a $100 commuter fee to defray meeting room and production costs. These are standard professional conference arrangements and we appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines.

Card Clinic, Close-up Clinic, and Stack Clinic are strictly limited to 20 registrants, plus staff. In order to register you must provide a non-refundable 50% deposit. After April 1, 2005, registration fees must be paid in full and are not refundable. Hotel room charges must also be paid in full in advance by September 1.

There are no requirements as to age or experience. Your only prerequisites are a love of magic and a sincere desire to learn. You need not perform, but some registrants may do so, entirely at their option, if they wish to have their work viewed and discussed by the session leaders. There will be something for everyone at every level, and all will benefit. Your guides have taught beginners and experts alike, as well as leading professionals.

Isn't it time you gave yourself the chance to be as good as you want to be? Don't miss this rare opportunity.

There are only 20 spaces available: first come, first served. There will be no exceptions made.
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